About me

My name is Mary, really my name is Maria, but everybody calls me Mary. I lived a part of my life in the USA, where I left a piece of my heart and where my little brother still lives. I now live in a small town in the mountains in Abruzzo, the place of my roots. My life is similar to that of many women. I spend my time caring for my family, my job and my many interests. I live with two adorable, tender-hearted giants and a little golden dog, who I refer to as “my butler”. I think I am very fortunate, because I got to know two different cultures and because I am surrounded by very special people, who give me their love and affection every day. Among my many passions, there is the one for cooking, and this blog gives me the possibility to communicate my passion to others. I must confess that, although I have been living in Italy for a long time now, I am still emotionally attached to American cuisine, probably because it brings me back to my childhood… However, the simple, hearty and delicious food of my Italian culture, is always on my table. I have fun experimenting with something vegan, every now and then, influenced, more than I like to admit, by my youngest, animalist brother. I also love to use non processed foods in my kitchen and try to feed my loved ones healthy, biological meals as much as possible (luckily, my father has a wonderful vegetable garden!!). The name I have chosen for my blog, is linked to the love for “my two homes”, and those I call “bears”, are the strong, proud inhabitants of this harsh but generous place I now call home. If you like, take a look at my blog. We’ll have a chat and make some good food together.


My very best to all,